Drs. Fregoso, Lazazzera, and Li smiling

Congratulations to Drs. Oliver Fregoso, Melody Li, and Beth Lazazzera for being nominated for the 2024 Life Sciences Excellence Awards! 

Excellence in Educational Innovation, Assistant Professor Award: Drs. Oliver Fregoso and Melody Li: “We are grateful for the support of the MIMG department and the wonderful students that made teaching virology so fun and fulfilling.”

Excellence in Promoting Diversity & Inclusion, Faculty Award: Dr. Beth Lazazzera: “I am incredibly honored to receive this award for Excellence in Promoting Diversity and Inclusion by the Life Science Division. I look forward to continuing to work to create a more inclusive and equity department. I am indebted to my Co-Vice Chair, Amanda Friese, for her partnership in this effort, and MIMG is also fortunate to have a JEDI committee with creative ideas and diverse perspectives that add to these efforts.” 

Dean Tracy Johnson has shared that this year's nominees for the Life Sciences Excellence Awards have not only achieved exceptional research accomplishments that reshape scientific paradigms, but have also demonstrated a steadfast commitment to pioneering educational methods and fostering an environment that embraces inclusivity for all community members.