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  • Microscopy image showing an allogeneic BCMA-targeting CAR-armed and IL-15-enhanced NKT cell (BCAR-NKT cell; blue) attacking a human multiple myeloma cell (MM.1S cell; magenta).

    Dr. Lili Yang - collaborative research leads to the development of novel technology that positions ‘off-the-shelf’ Cancer Immunotherapy for the Clinic.

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  • NK cell-intrinsic sex differences

    Dr. Tim O’Sullivan – led an interdisciplinary research team that discovered a previously unknown NK cell immunodeficiency associated with the neurological syndrome MEF2C haploinsufficiency syndrome.

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  • Kent Hill and Stephanie DeMarco in the office

    Dr. Kent Hill – our group’s discovery of Social Motility as an emergent behavior in African trypanosomes demonstrated that these single-celled parasites are capable of coordinating their activities as a group.

  • T-cells cancer vertical

    Dr. Yvonne Chen – developed a CD19/CD20 bispecific chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cell therapy that was subsequently evaluated in the first investigator-initiated CAR-T cell therapy trial at UCLA.

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  • Immunology

    Dr. Alex Hoffmann - Discovery of a Temporal Signaling Code to specify Immune Responses.

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