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Arnie Berk is a virologist and cell biologist in the Molecular Biology Institute and Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics at UCLA. As a postdoctoral fellow, his analysis of adenovirus mRNA synthesis led to the initial discovery of RNA processing of spliced mRNAs from pre-mRNA precursors containing introns, and his analysis of early SV40 mRNA lead to the initial discovery of alternatively spliced mRNA isoforms encoding distinct, but related proteins. At UCLA his research has focused on the mechanisms of transcriptional activation and control of the cell cycle by the adenovirus E1A and E1B proteins. Work from his laboratory demonstrated that the tumor suppressor activity of p53 depends on its activity as a transcriptional activator. His laboratory discovered that activation of transcription by the adenovirus large E1A protein results from its interaction with the human mediator of transcription complex, and that this promotes assembly of pre-initiation complexes on promoter DNA and stimulation of elongation by promoter proximal paused RNA polymerase II. The small E1A protein was shown to regulate host cell transcription and cell cycle progression through modifications of chromatin structure. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and holds the UCLA Presidential Chair in Molecular Cell Biology.

We study molecular interactions that regulate transcription and the cell cycle in mammalian cells, focusing particular attention on transcription factors encoded by oncogenes and tumor suppressors. Since the decision to initiate transcription is the key control point regulating expression of most genes, transcriptional regulation determines the properties of both normal and abnormal cells. Many of our projects involve proteins expressed early during infection by DNA viruses because these proteins have evolved to interact with key host cell regulatory proteins in order to maximize the yield of progeny virions. Consequently, they have directed us to critical cellular regulatory proteins with which they interact, such as p53, the Retinoblastoma protein family, the mediator of transcription complex, and chromatin modifying complexes.

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