Bruna Martins Garcia

Thirty-two early-career researchers were named members of the 2024 cohort of Schmidt Science Fellows, joining a community of scientists and supporters who seek to drive sector-wide change by pursuing interdisciplinary research and former Pernas Lab graduate student Bruna Martins Garcia was one of them. 

It is an initiative of Schmidt Sciences, a philanthropic organization founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt to advance exploration and discovery that deepen our understanding of the natural world and develop solutions to global issues. 

As a 2024 Schmidt Science Fellow, Bruna plans to investigate the metabolic demands driving metastasis, giving new insights into targeted therapies for one of the main causes of death worldwide.

To date, it is not possible to predict when and which organs will turn into future sites of metastasis. Bruna’s work aims to broaden our understanding of organ-specific metastasis prevention and may open new avenues to future targeted therapies.