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MIMG Departmental Requirements


By default, all students entering the Pre-MIMG major will be Path 1.  To be admitted to Path 2 the student must be researching in a MIMG, MCDB, or Biological Chemistry lab; have a GPA of at least 3.0; and, submit an application.

Students must apply for Path 2 no later than Winter quarter of third year, however exceptions may be made for transfers.  See Juana Escobar for more information.

All courses must be taken for a letter grade and passed with at least a C-.  Students must maintain 2.0 GPA.

Students receiving a grade of D or lower in two upper division major classes, either in separate courses or repetitions of the same course, are subject to dismissal from the major.

Classes DO NOT have to be taken in the order in which they are listed on this page.

Students are encouraged to begin the AL/BL pair in 3rd year to avoid scheduling conflicts in 4th year.

Do not take an 'AL' in the same quarter as MIMG 185A due to each being a heavy class.


Non-MIMG Courses that Satisfy the General Elective Requirement for the Major

In the following list, the quarter(s) that the classes are offered is noted; but, this is subject to change, and you should always consult the Schedule of Classes for the most up-to-date information.

      Units Quarter
MCDB 100 Introduction to Cell Biology 5 Sum (only)
  138 Developmental Biology 5 Fall, Win, Spring
  M140 Cancer Cell Biology 5 Winter
  144 Molecular Bio of Cellular Processes & Experimental Ap 5 Fall, Winter, Spring
  C150 Plant Chemical & Molecular Communication 4 Fall
  165A Biology of the Cell 5 Fall, Winter, Spring
  168 Stem Cell Biology 5 Spring
  172 Genomics and Bioinformatics 5 Not in 2015‑2016
  M175A Neuroscience: From Molecules To Mind 5 Fall
  M175B Neuroscience: From Molecules To Mind 5 Winter
  M175C Neuroscience: From Molecules to Mind 5 Spring
  187AL Research Immersion Lab in Genomic Biology 5 Winter

†   Important restrictions to MCDB courses:
MCDB 144 is not open for credit if you've already taken Chem 153B.
MCDB 168 has two other MCDB courses (138 & 165A) as pre-requisites.


      Units Quarter
Biomed Engnr 100 Bioengineering Fundamentals 4 Winter
  CM145 Molecular Biotechnology for Engineers 4 Fall
  CM178 Intro to Biomaterials 4 Fall

NOTE:  You must have instructor consent to enroll in Biomed Engineering classes


      Units Quarter
Phy Sci CM103 Basic Human Bio for Biomed Engineers 4 Winter
  124 Molecular Biology of Aging
(dept consent needed)
4 Spring
  125 Molecular Systems Biology
(dept consent needed)
4 Winter


      Units Quarter
Chem &
100 Genomics & Computational Biology 5 Spring
  103 Environmental Chemistry 4 Spring
  110A Physical Chemistry: Chemical Thermodynamics 4 Fall, Winter, Spring
  M117 Structure, Patterns & Polyhedra 5 Not in 2015‑2016
  136 Organic Structural Methods 5 Spring
  C140 Bionanotechology 4 Spring
  153B Biochem: DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis 4 Fall, Winter, Spring
  153C Biochem: Biosynthetic & Energy Metabolism & Its Regulation 4 Fall, Winter, Spring
  153L Biochemical Methods I 4 Fall, Winter, Spring
  156 Physical Biochemistry 4 Fall, Winter, Spring
  CM160A Bioinformatics and Genomics 4 Fall
  C161A Plant Biochemistry 4 Not in 2015‑2016
  171 Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry 4 Fall, Winter
  C172 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 4 Spring
  C179 Biological Inorganic Chemistry 4 Fall
  C181 Polymer Chemistry 4 Not in 2015‑2016


      Units Quarter
Biostat 100A Intro to Biostatistics 4 Spring, Summer ONLY
    (Non-Public Health undergrads are not permitted to enroll for Biostat 100A in Fall or Winter)
  110A Basic Biostatistics 4 Fall
EE Biol 121 Molecular Evolution 4 Fall
  135 Population Genetics 4 Spring
  162 Plant Physiology 4 Spring, Summer
C&EE M166 Environmental Microbiology 4 Winter
    (You MUST contact the prof for a PTE number to enroll)
Epidem 100 Intro to Epidemiology 4 Summer ONLY
(Non-Public Health majors/minors are NOT permitted in enroll in EPIDEM 100A in Fall or Winter)
Hum Gen C144 Genomic Technology 4 Not in 2015‑2016



  • Not all electives are offered every year.  Consult the Schedule of Classes or the appropriate department.
  • Some electives are restricted to certain majors on the first pass.


About the College’s Upper Division Unit Requirement:

As a UCLA student you must fulfill requirements for the College of Letters and Science (e.g., General Education courses, Writing II, Foreign Language) as well as requirements for the MIMG major (e.g., those stated above).  One of the College of L&S requirements is the 60 unit Upper Division Unit requirement.  This states that a student must complete 60 units of upper division coursework which can be satisfied by taking those courses numbered 100 and above.  As an MIMG major, you are required to take (at least) 46 units of upper division credit for Path 1 or (at least) 45 units for Path 2.  This leaves a balance of 14-15 upper division units that you must fulfill in order to satisfy the College requirement.  These 14-15 units can be fulfilled by ANY upper division courses.  Feel free to go outside of the sciences.  An upper division Film or Music History class can add a nice balance to the heavier upper division major classes that you will have in your third and fourth years.

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MIMG Student Affairs Officer

Juana Escobar
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Hours of availability are typically Monday through Friday from 9:00–12:00 and 1:00–5:00.

Appointments are preferred — call or email to request one.

Students without appointments may be asked to come back later.