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Life Sciences Core Curriculum

The Life Sciences Core Curriculum is a common program of study designed to prepare students for any discipline in the life sciences they choose to pursue. The LS Core includes all the preparatory courses for the major and provides a basic background in all disciplines within the life sciences.

The Core curriculum classes must be passed with a grade of C– or better and must be completed with an overall grade-point average of 2.0 or better. Students receiving a grade of D or F in two core curriculum courses, either in separate courses or repetions of the same course, are subject to dismissal from the major.

The following series of classes are taken to prepare for the upper division classes of the major:

Chem 14A, B, C, D, BL, CL (Chem 14CL is optional for any MIMG student graduating in Fall 2014 or after)
  – or –
Chem 20A, B, 20L, 30AL, 30A, B, BL (Chem 30BL is optional for any MIMG student graduating in Fall 2014 or after)
General & Organic Chemistry
Math 3A, B, C; Stats 13
  – or –
Math 31A, B, 32A; Stats 13
  – or –
Life Sci 30A, B; Stats 13
Calculus and Statistics
Physics 6A, B, C
  – or –
Physics 1A, 1B, 4AL, 1C, 4BL
Calculus-based Physics
Life Sciences 1, 2, 3, 4, 23L Biology, Cell/Molecular Biology, Genetics


Most of these classes are offered throughout the academic year, including Summer Sessions.

The following requirements apply to the LS Core:

LS 3 and LS 4 are requisites for the majority of upper division MIMG courses.

LS 3 and LS 4 should be successfully completed prior to Spring quarter of the student's third year, otherwise the student risks a significant delay in graduation.

Physics may be placed in the third year, but students remain in pre-major status until all lower division courses for the major are complete.

All Life Sciences Core Curriculum courses, as well as the courses taken to satisfy the Major requirements, MUST be taken for letter grades.

In addition to requirements for graduation prescribed by the College of Letters and Science, the student is required to maintain a minimum of 2.0 (C) in the Major and Premajor (LS Core).