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MIMG Path 2 Application & Enrollment Instructions

(Effective Fall 2013)

Fulfilling Major Requirements via Path 2

Students interested in an independent research experience in a MCDB or MIMG faculty member‘s laboratory may fulfill their major requirements by completing at least two consecutive quarters of faculty-mentored research (196A and 196B) coupled to participation in concurrent research seminars (180A and 180B).  This option is well-suited for students who develop an interest in research after completing requisite courses in Chemistry and Core Biology.  Students who pursue this path must begin no later than their third year.  Exceptions may be made for transfer students.  Students must meet the eligibility requirements and APPLY for Path 2.  Not all applications are approved.

Path 2 Eligibility Requirements

Eligible students must apply for approval by the departmental curriculum committee to participate in Path 2.  Applications must be submitted to the MIMG Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer (Bridget Wells; 1602B MSB) by Friday of week 5 of the preceding quarter in which you plan to begin Path 2 courses 196A and 180A.  Approved students who complete Path 2 requirements will not be required to enroll in Path 1 courses.

  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Have completed or are in the process of completing a Research Acquaintance (RA) experience in a MIMG or MCDB research laboratory.  The RA may be a 99/SRP, 199 (Letter grade only), or volunteer research experience in a lab for a minimum of 10 hrs per week for at least 10 weeks.

Tips on Finding a Faculty Research Mentor

Students need to take the initiative in the search for a faculty mentor, taking the time necessary to consider multiple faculty members and their research areas. To ensure a suitable match for independent research with a faculty mentor, students are encouraged to follow these steps:

  1. Students must select a faculty advisor in MCDB or MIMG.  Browse the online faculty research activities in MCDB faculty and MIMG research groups.
  2. Send an e-mail to the faculty member doing research that interests you most to request an interview to discuss your intention of doing research in his/her laboratory.  Most students will need to contact up to 10 different faculty members to find a position in a laboratory.

Plan 2 Application

The following forms must be submitted to the MIMG Undergraduate Office by 5:00 pm on Friday of 5th week of the preceding quarter in which you plan to begin Path 2 courses 196A and 180A–

  1. Research Project Proposal  (see Guidelines and Proposal Sample)
  2. Undergraduate Researcher Acknowledgement Form
  3. Faculty Mentoring Agreement

The policies and requirements described here supersede those on the 196 contract itself.  In other words, if you read something here but see conflicting information on the contract and aren't sure which is correct, go by what you read here!

These application materials will be reviewed by the departmental curriculum committee.  Students and faculty advisors will be notified of approval status within 4–5 weeks of submitting an application.  It is advised that students have a back-up plan for the subsequent quarter (i.e., enroll in classes assuming they will NOT be approved for Path 2).

  • If the application is approved, then the MIMG Undergraduate Advisor will enroll the student in 196A and one section of 180A.
  • If the application is not approved, then students must fulfill major requirements via Path 1.  However, depending on the recommendations of the committee, students may still do independent research, opting instead to enroll in 199 for elective credit.