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Master of Science Degree Program

The MIMG graduate program is primarily a Ph.D. program.  The Master's is not considered an entryway to the doctoral program, nor is a Master’s degree a requirement for admission into the Ph.D. program.  Students interested in the Ph.D. should contact Immunity, Microbes, and Molecular Pathogenesis Home Area for admissions information, as the MIMG department plays no role in admissions to the Ph.D. program.

While the Department does NOT encourage enrollment for the Master’s degree, a small number of Master’s students are occasionally admitted.  No student will be considered for the Master’s program unless (s)he is performing research in the lab of the prospective mentor at the time of application.  There are no exceptions to this requirement.

If you are currently conducting research in an MIMG lab and would like for more information on the UCLA application process for the Master’s, please contact Bridget Wells via email.