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Immunology Forum Seminars

Date Speaker Title
02/13/2008 Dr. Olivera Finn, Ph.D
  • Professor and Chair, Department of Immunology
  • University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
  • President, American Association of Immunologists (AAI)
“Human Tumor Antigens and Cancer Immunosurveillance: A Minority Opinion”
Additional Information: http://www.studentgroups.ucla.edu/pledge/Diversity2007/


Previous Immunology Forum Seminars — 2008

Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine,
The JCCC’s Tumor Immunology Program Area

Date Speaker Title
01/14/2008 Vijay Kuchroo, Ph.D.
  • Professor of Neurology
  • Harvard Medical School
  • Boston, Massachusetts
“Here, There and Everywhere: T-regs and Th17 Cells”
Host:  Dr. Ram Raj Singh
02/11/2008 Hyam Levitsky, M.D.
  • Professor of Oncology, Medicine and Urology
  • Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
“Manipulating Host Anti–Tumor Immunity”
Host:  Dr. Antoni Ribas
02/25/2007 Lieping Chen, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Professor of Dermatology, Oncology and Immunology
  • Director of Dermatology Research
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
“Dissecting New Co-Stimulatory pathways for Controlling Immune Responses”
Host:  Dr. Genhong Cheng
04/28/2008 Stephen Nutt, Ph.D.
  • Senior Research Fellow
  • The Walter And Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
  • Melbourne, Australia
“Genetic Networks Controlling Lymphopoiesis and Leukemia”
Host:  Dr. Ken Dorshkind
05/12/2008 Martin Kast, Ph.D.
  • Professor, Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
  • Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute
  • Keck School of Medicine, USC
  • Los Angeles, CA
“Progress in Cervical Cancer and Prostate Cancer Immunological Research”
Host:  Dr. Antoni Ribas
06/09/2008 Chandra Mohan, Ph.D.
  • Walter & Helen Bader Professor of Arthritis and Autoimmunity
  • Professor of Medicine, Rheumatology, and Immunology
  • UT Southwestern
  • Dallas, Texas
“SLE 1, 2, 3- Genetic Dissection of Lupus”
Host:  Dr. Ram Raj Singh
Date Speaker Title

Immuno Forum Coordinators:
Genhong Cheng  (310) 825-8896 and Jonathan Braun  (310) 794-7953

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