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Departmental Presentation of Candidates

Doctoral Degree and Master’s Degree – Commencement 2017

The Department of Microbiology, Immunology, & Molecular Genetics presentation of Doctoral Degree and Master’s Degree candidates will take place on Sunday, June 18 at 10:00 am at the Powell Courtyard.

The following information pertains ONLY to the MIMG Departmental Doctoral Degree and Master’s Degree Commencement ceremony only.  For info on the Doctoral Hooding Ceremony, go to www.gdnet.ucla.edu/gasaa/hooding/commencement.htm.

Map of Powell Seating Area


You must have already filed your thesis/dissertation, or plan to do so, during Winter 2017, Spring 2017, Summer 2017, or Fall 2017 in order to participate in Commencement.

Name and Dissertation Title:

In addition to reserving tickets, you must email the following information to jescobar@microbio.ucla.edu by Friday May 5th:

  • Your name, as you want it announced at the ceremony (do you prefer a nickname, do you want your middle name included, etc.)
  • The title of your dissertation
  • The person who will hood you (typically your mentor, but if (s)he won’t be there you need to ask one of the other attending faculty)

In the subject of your email, put “Commencement Info for {your name}”.

Tickets & Guest Seating:

Requests for tickets for the MIMG Departmental Ceremony should be sent to jescobar@microbio.ucla.edu no later than Friday, May 19, 2017.  Ticket availability is based on the venue capacity.  You may reserve up to 4, and add two additional tickets to a waitlist.  There is no charge for the first 4 tickets.  Each additional ticket is $12, whether it‘s used or not.  Waitlist tickets will be charged only if available, which will be determined in late May.  Please note that there are the tickets that you can definitely order, and the waitlist tickets that might be released, and that‘s it.  There are no “extra tickets” available for anyone, no matter how large your family is.  However, you can have more people at the event, keep reading.

Tickets WILL be collected at the ceremony, therefore each of your guests must have a ticket to enter the immediate ceremony area.  Children who can sit on a lap do not need a ticket.  Because the event is outside, we can‘t prevent guests from standing on the outskirts of the area. Therefore, if you do not have enough tickets for all of your guests, the guests without tickets are welcome to stand just outside the seating area, where they will still be able to see the stage.  But to reiterate, guests who would like to sit to watch the ceremony must have a ticket to enter the seating area.

Seating will be first come, first serve.  If some of your guests want to arrive early to save seats they may do so, but at 9:30 AM, seats that are unoccupied MUST BE GIVEN UP to those who do not have a seat.  Please inform your guests!

Tickets will be available for pick-up at 1602B Molecular Sciences Building from Tuesday, May 30th through Friday, June 9th.


Caps and Gowns are required.  You are responsible for ordering your own regalia through ASUCLA’s Graduation Etc. at Ackerman Union on the A-Level or online at https://shop.uclastore.com/c-524-masterdoctor.aspx.

No Shows:

If you RSVP that you will attend, but for whatever reason cannot make it, please, please, please, be courteous and notify the MIMG Department as soon as possible.  No shows are disruptive to the ceremony.


Contact Juana Escobar at 310-825-8482, jescobar@microbio.ucla.edu in 1602B Molecular Sciences Building with any questions, problems, or concerns.

 On the Day of the Ceremony

Check In:

Doctoral Degree and Master’s Degree candidates must arrive at Powell Courtyard by 9:15 am.  Go to the check in table where you will receive further instructions.  Check in ends at 9:45 am!!


Following the Welcome address we will have the presentation of the Doctoral Degree and Master’s Degree students.  When your name and the title of your thesis/dissertation is announced, you will stand and your mentor (or another faculty member who you’ve chosen as a substitute) will hood you.

Please familiarize yourself with the hood before the ceremony to know how it should be worn.

Bachelor of Science Degree Candidates