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PLEASE NOTE:  1601 MSB Conference Room Policy

  1. First priority for use of Departmental Conference rooms will be for Departmental events (faculty meetings, special departmental seminar presentations, etc.)  Due to the increasing demand on 1601 MSB and 283 BSRB by MIMG faculty and staff we are unable to fulfill room requests made by other departments.  Room reservations are administered by:
  2. Latoya Watkins
    email:  lwatkins@mednet.ucla.edu

    In the event that the Department has urgent need of the conference room, the Department may “bump” a scheduled group, and will provide as much prior warning as possible.  Any group “bumped” will be responsible for finding an alternate meeting site.  For your convenience, Calendars for 1601 MSB and 283 BSRB are viewable at the links above.

  3. Use of the conference room by individual labs or users for primarily social events during regular working hours is not allowed.
  4. If you plan to have food/beverage service at the event, your group must make arrangements for delivery, serving, and clean up.  This includes removing the bagged trash from conference room (it may be deposited in the large trash bins on the east side of Boyer Hall), wiping down the table tops, and cleaning up any spills.
  5. Special configurations of furniture are the responsibility of the user, as is return of the tables, chairs, etc. to their original setting.  If you anticipate needing assistance, please contact James Williams at least one (1) week prior to the event.
    Note:  Assistance of this kind may not be always be available.
  6. Special AV needs should be made known at the time of room reservation.  All are strongly urged to schedule a time for a “practice run” of their equipment prior to the event.  If you need technical assistance for either the practice run, or on the day of the event, please contact Computing Support (compspt@microbio.ucla.edu), at least one (1) week in advance to schedule.
  7. Groups who leave the room in disrepair, or whose activities are disruptive will lose the ability to reserve the room.
  8. There will be a 15 minute gap between meetings to ensure proper setup, breakdown and cleanup by the users.